Research Team

Core Team:

Gina Assaf: Day 1 on March 19th. Patient-Centric Design Strategies, Design Research, Survey Design, Analysis. @GinaAssaf

Hannah Davis: Day 1 on March 25th. Data collection, analysis, visualization. @ahandvanish

Hannah Wei: Day 1 on March 11th. Qualitative research, analysis, writing. @herlifeinpixels

Athena Akrami: Day 1 on March 17th. Data analysis, visualization and writing. @AthenaAkrami

Lisa McCorkell: Day 1 on March 14th. Data analysis & writing. @LisaAMcCorkell


O’Neil Brooke, Ryan Low, Jared Mercier, Adetutu A., Tina L., Annie C., Monica S., Lauren N., Noel H., JD Davids, and Susie.

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