Reinfections Study

Understanding the risks of reinfection is a pressing public health need as the COVID-19 pandemic advances and new variants emerge. Our goal is to determine whether contracting COVID-19 multiple times increases the chances of developing Long COVID, or worsening the health and quality of life of those who already have the illness.

Our Goals

We aim to achieve this goal by using multiple approaches – our first priority being a new reinfections survey that harnesses the knowledge of post-viral illness research and patient expertise to understand the link between reinfections and conditions frequently associated with Long COVID, such as fatigue and post-exertional malaise.

Our second goal is to partner with researchers and organizations to understand how reinfections affect the prevalence of Long COVID and the impact of COVID-19 reinfections on Long COVID symptoms worldwide.

Latest update

We are designing the reinfections survey which will be launched in March. We hope to recruit new participants to answer the reinfections survey, and will also follow up with participants of previous PLRC surveys, many of whom had or still experience Long COVID.

COVID Reinfections FAQ

Visit our FAQ page for updated questions and answers about COVID reinfections.


Project Co-Leads: Gina Assaf, Letícia Soares PhD, L. Fitzgerald, PhD 

Project Management: Teresa Akintonwa 

Contributor and Social Media Strategy: Jerry, Lisa McCorkell

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