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Our reports have been used to inform government overviews and guidelines on Long COVID, to inform the studies of other Long COVID researchers, and have been cited in journals such as The Lancet, BMJ, Frontiers in Medicine, JAMA, and others.

Policy Documents
  1. National Institute of Health (NIH)
    Toward Understanding COVID-19 Recovery: NIH Workshop on Postacute COVID-19
  2. World Health Organization (WHO)
    In the wake of the pandemic: preparing for long COVID
  3. National Institute for Health Research, UK (NIHR)
    Living with COVID-19
  4. Center for Disease Control (CDC)
    Post-COVID Conditions: Information for Healthcare Providers
  5. Belgium Federal Government
  6. World Health Organization (WHO)
    Expanding our understanding of Post COVID-19 Condition
  7. UK Parliament
    Short and long term health effects of COVID-19
Select Scientific Papers and Preprints
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