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Funding distribution from Balvi

DescriptionCategoryFixed CostsTotal Costs
Long COVID Research FundPatient-Directed Fund$2,035,000$2,035,000
Reinfections StudyResearch$382,250$382,250
LMIC Quality of Life StudyResearch$233,750$233,750
Machine Learning PhenotypingResearch$142,725$142,725
Operational CostsOverhead$85,490$85,490
Expected TaxesOverhead$46,685$46,685
Quarterly Patient-Generated Research HypothesesCommunications $105,600$105,600
Biomed Fund (Additional funding from Balvi)*Research$3,000,000$3,000,000
Budget Total$6,031,500
* Balvi has committed an additional $3 million as of July 2022

Our July 2022 funding from are allocated as follows:

  • $5,003,500: Establishment of a Patient-Led Research Fund: These funds will be directed towards providing grants to six Long COVID biomedical research projects, awarded by a panel of patient-researchers with expertise in post-viral illnesses. Eligible projects will include biomedical research, diagnostic devices, prevalence studies, and clinical trials. Uniquely, each grant will include patient engagement from PLRC at the study design, recruitment, analysis, and writing points of the research study.
  • $382,250: Reinfection Study: PLRC will analyze the impact of COVID reinfections on A) people with Long COVID, B) people who did not develop Long COVID following initial infection but did after subsequent infections, and C) people who have had COVID multiple times and have not developed Long COVID.
  • $233,750: Low-middle Income Country Long COVID Quality of Life Study: PLRC will research the quality of life of people with Long COVID in a select low-middle income country. 
  • $142,725: Long COVID Phenotyping: PLRC will identify Long COVID subtypes (clusters of characteristics and their progression) that may require different forms of treatment. 
  • $105,600: Quarterly Publication of Patient-Generated Research Hypotheses: PLRC will produce a quarterly publication of patient-generated hypotheses shared in the public domain for Long COVID researchers to pursue.
  • $85,490: Operational Costs: Will be used to cover costs like software, licenses, administrative costs, as well as support of Body Politic.
  • $46,685: Expected Taxes: Will be used to cover costs of taxes.

Project Updates

July 11, 2022: Patient-Led Research Fund Panel

We are excited to announce our Patient-Led Research Fund Panel, who will be guiding us through putting together a Request for Proposals and evaluating the submitted proposals for research into Long COVID. This group has a wealth of expertise – both in their skilled backgrounds and their lived experience. See Patient-Led Research Fund‘s page for more information.

Stay tuned! Project updates will continue to be posted as we kick off our initiatives. For more information, see our press release and Q&A.

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