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Patient-Led Research Collaborative drives patient-led and patient-involved research into Long Covid and associated conditions while following rigorous and sound research methodology, and to advocate for policies that enable patients, particularly the most marginalized, to survive and thrive worldwide. We ground our work in the principles of disability justice and participatory research methods, and in the knowledge that those who experience an illness are best able to identify research questions and solutions.

Patient-Generated Hypotheses Journal Publication Panel

Hannah Davis, Dr. Tess Falor, Malka Goldberg, Dr. Rochelle Joslyn, Anna Kern, Jerry Lin, Netia McCray, Lisa McCorkell, DVL Padma Priya, Laila Santana, Mihaela Suleap, Richelle Sepulveda, Hannah Wei.

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We thank the Patient-Generated Hypotheses Journal Publication Panel for their insights and work to develop this publication. Additionally, we thank all authors from various backgrounds and patient communities who submitted hypotheses. We hope the scientific community will make use of the hypotheses and insights from this publication to develop rigorous studies in Long COVID and associated conditions.


Janna Moen, Lúcia Santos, Simon Spichak, Aimee Weiss


This publication is funded by the Balvi Filantropic Fund. To support the Journal, contact .

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