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Characterizing long COVID in an international cohort: 7 months of symptoms and their impact

We conducted an online survey of people with suspected and confirmed COVID-19, distributed via COVID-19 support groups. We estimated the prevalence of 203 symptoms in 10 organ systems and traced 66 symptoms over seven months. We measured the impact on life, work, and return to baseline health.

Ongoing Surveys

COVID Reinfections Survey

Our new Online Survey on the Health Outcomes of COVID-19 Reinfections is available. Everyone worldwide is welcome to take our survey, whether you have had COVID-19 once,  multiple times, or have not yet had it. If you are under 18, an adult caregiver must complete the survey on your behalf. Participants in the US will be eligible to be entered into a drawing for three $100 Amazon gift cards.

Your unique experience is the key to help us understand the impact of COVID reinfections.

Take the Survey (English)
Responda a pesquisa (Português, Portuguese)
Responda nuestra encuesta en Español
Tomar la encuesta en Francés
شارك في استبياننا باللغة العربية

COVID-19 Patient Experience Survey

We invite you to take part in our study if you:

  • Previously experienced or are currently experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Have a suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • Are over 18 years of age

Responda ao questionário (Português, Portuguese)
Participer à l’enquête (Française, French)
Tomar la encuesta (Español, Spanish)
De enquete invullen (Nederlands, Dutch)
Completa il questionario (Italiano, Italian)
Пройдите опрос (русский, Russian)
Ikuti survei (Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian)
شارك في الدراسة! (Arabic, العربية)

This study is sponsored by University College London (UCL), London, UK.

What Does COVID-19 Recovery Actually Look Like?

 An Analysis of the Prolonged COVID-19 Symptoms Survey by Patient-Led Research Team

Assaf G, Davis H, McCorkell L, et al. What does COVID-19 recovery actually look like? 11 May 2020. https://patientresearchcovid19.com/research/report-1/

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